How Real World: Bad Blood changed Geoghan in multiple ways

Jennifer Geoghan knew what she signed up for… well, sort of.

Originally, Geoghan thought she was set to appear on MTV’s Road Rules before learning last minute that she had been cast for Real World: Bad Blood.

The deception by production was intentional as it made up the show’s biggest twist in which seven houseguests joined the original seven contestants whom they had previous “bad blood” with. In Geoghan’s case, it was her ex-boyfriend, Robbie.

That would be where she encountered one of the toughest, yet rewarding experiences of her life.

“The madness started right away,” Geoghan tells Reality Now. “The anxiety, the drama, the drunk fights…two months of ups and downs that everyone was able to witness on TV. I was also that idiot that’ ‘fell in love on reality TV.’ It was a rollercoaster ride of an experience, but I wouldn’t take any of it back.”

Geoghan embarked on this journey with a chip on her shoulder. She has battled through anxiety for much of her life and knew this environment would test everything she had in her.

Yet, as the theory goes, the only way to deal with a problem or a fear is to face it head on, and that’s exactly what Geoghan did.

“Having anxiety was rough with having a camera in my face 24/7,” Geoghan said. “Also, starting a new relationship on camera and fighting on camera really added to the anxiety (I cried a lot). But, I will say that just the fact I was able to get through an experience and do something out of my comfort zone was huge in conquering my fears and anxiety.

“Even though the outcome of how I looked on the show wasn’t ideal…I’m still extremely proud of myself for doing something I never thought I’d have the guts to do. I feel like if I could let the world see my life on TV I can do anything.”

The series, which spanned 12 episodes and lasted two months for the cast in Seattle, truly changed Geoghan for the better, providing her with the confidence she needed and a stronger backbone.

A backbone that came out in full force towards the end of the series when an altercation between her and Anna saw Geoghan make a stand for herself. When asked what the biggest thing she learned about herself through this experience was, Geoghan remarked, “how to stand up for myself.”

“I normally don’t bite back when someone low blows me, but in the last two episodes another cast member hurt me by google searching a topic that was very sensitive to me so I snapped and all hell broke loose in the finale. That drama led to me realizing that I can’t be friends with everyone and always get along with everyone. I’m an easygoing, friendly person and I tried really hard to be friends with two girls on my season but it turns out I can’t get along with everyone after all. It’s life.”

Following the series, her and her showmance, Peter, moved in together in New Jersey. The pair eventually went their separate ways 10 months later, but it was just another learning experience for the now 26-year-old.

She spends her days working at a hair salon in Hoboken, playing in rec sports leagues and partying on the weekends. She’s even gotten back into the dating game and has been seeing someone for a few months now.

“My life definitely has gone back to normal, but I do run into people who recognize me which is pretty cool,” Geoghan said.

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