Q&A: Sheen ready to bring the party (and banter) to Winter Break: Hunter Mountain

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In our first installment of the Reality-Now.com Q&A, we are bringing in a fresh face to the television scene.

Winter Break: Hunter Mountain made its debut on MTV a few weeks back (it will now be airing on MTV2 every Friday night) and within that first hour, it was clear there was a big personality on the show.

That personality was none other than Alex “Sheen” Shinder. Without further ado, let us present our entertaining and colorful Q&A with Sheen.

RN: What was your first reality show experience like?

Sheen: It was incredible. It was a combination of every spring break, every vacation, and every party I’ve ever been to. I raged harder than I ever have. I brought banter to the banterless… which is kind of a big deal for me. I met some incredible people… people that I’m proud to call my family now. It was just dope to be in a share house where I knew nobody the first day and felt so close to everyone on the last day. I have to say, it was the best experience of my life.

RN: How did you get involved with Winter Break?

Sheen: I think I saw a post of it somewhere and got in touch with casting. Once I read the description, I knew I was meant to be a part of it. My friends know that I party hard, rally, and go again…so this was meant for Sheen, and Sheen was meant for it. I also consider myself a share house expert. I’ve been part of them since I was in my late teens. I knew I had to diversify my share house portfolio. Most people don’t have my experience, so I had to show everyone how it’s really done. I was lucky enough to get chosen, but let’s be honest, once they met Sheen, it was game on.

RN: For a cast of newbies, how would you say the relationship was amongst you guys from the start to where it is now?

Sheen: It was a f**king roller coaster. I mean if you watched Episode 1, you saw the drama, romance, hatred, friendship…just everything.  I won’t give anything away, but stay tuned for that roller coaster to have it’s ups, downs and serious drops. I promise that by the time the ride’s over, you’ll want to go back on.

RN: I have to imagine it’s pretty weird at first watching yourself on TV? Do you ever watch and say, “Man, what am I’m doing in this scene?”

Sheen: Considering what you see on TV is how I am on a daily basis, it’s more so ‘man…now I know what my friends have to deal with’. Honestly it’s very surreal, but extremely funny. I have zero regrets, other than striking out. I believe everything is a life lesson. You wake up, you realize you might have f**ked up, and you say to yourself  ‘What can I do to make sure that doesn’t happen again,’ or ‘I need that to happen every single f**king night’. I just know that after Episode 1 my friends said ‘That is the sheen we know,’ and that really made me happy. I was myself, and that’s all I wanted to be.

RN: What are you hoping fans see in your character?

Sheen: In one word…”banter king”, but I would say a really good time, and someone I can see myself being friends with. I was myself, not a character (although my friends call me a character all the time). I want people to see that I am real. I’m your drinking buddy, I can give you advice, and I can be a shoulder to lean on. I think people truly respond to and identify with people like that. Hopefully they see a good person who is also a complete f**king savage. It’d also be dope if they started using my banter…FBC (full beer chug)  playing 21 cup, Pick 6 (steal a friends drink, yell Pick 6, chug it), starting kiss chants, or just yelling kiss at everyone.

RN:  Any future plans?

Sheen: I have a few things that I have my eye on.

  1. I have a good voice, not to pat myself on the back. I recorded a song and have it up on Spotify. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s a song. It’s called “Can’t Get Thru 2 U” by Aleksey. It would be great to use something I’m good at and love to do to make money. That’s the dream.
  2. I have always been entertaining. Anytime my friends are bored, they text me or call me out to do something funny. I think I can bring that level of entertainment to the big screen. Acting would be much fun, and something I would truly love to do.
  3. My friends and family know that I’m a gym rat. They think I’d be a great personal trainer, so that’s something I’m looking into right now. I love the gym, and I love motivating people to like it as much as I do.

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