Jillian Metz lives life to the max on Winter Break: Hunter Mountain

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Jillian Metz crossed the threshold of the door, looked up to see cameras in every which direction, and said to herself, “Is this real life?”

That was her reaction when the filming began for MTV’s newest reality show, Winter Break: Hunter Mountain, and the question of whether this was all real or not stuck with her throughout the entire series. Looking back on it, Metz can’t help but be thankful for the opportunity and more importantly, the experience of her television debut.

“It was unlike anything anyone can ever imagine,” Metz told Reality-Now. “The cameras were a little hard to get used to in the beginning, but I got used to it pretty quickly.”

“I would obviously love to continue to spend every winter with my crazy roommates, so I hope everyone watches and loves our show.”

The experience naturally had its ups-and-downs as one would expect when eight 20-somethings are thrown into a party house, but Metz hit an unexpected bump in the road that was showcased in the final scene of episode one.

While the crew was out on the slopes, Metz lost traction and went down awkwardly.

“I didn’t expect to break my elbow the third day of filming, but I was determined to still live it up as much as possible,” Metz said.”

“Despite my injury, it was hands-down the best month in my life”

A month filled with partying, snowboarding and chilling around the cabin. Oh, and the occasional confrontations, drama and awkward moments. What else would you expect in a situation like this?

For Metz, she’s just hoping that the fans and viewers see her “wild and crazy, fun side.” Viewers shouldn’t be surprised to see her as the life of the party, even dancing on tables despite her injury.

“Since my elbow was shattered, it made it hard to be outgoing as I typically am,” Metz admitted. “I hope that fans see that no matter if you are upset about something going on in your life, you should still try to make the best of every situation. Life throws curve balls, but staying positive is important with anything in life. I hope that fans can take my experience away and see that even though you may be going through something, don’t let it get in your way of living your best life.”

Outside of the house, the New Jersey native is passionate in writing, even putting together reviews of each episode on her personal site. She’s hoping to continue that along

with adding a shop that includes clothing and accessories.

With an up-and-coming television series and a rising star, Metz hasn’t lost her identity. Since coming home, she’s been living the life she always has and enjoying everything it throws at her.

She’s even got a few trips planned, one to Thailand and two others over the summer to France and Spain.

“I am just living life and enjoying every moment,” Metz said.

Winter Break: Hunter Mountain will air each Friday on MTV2 at 8/7c.

“I would obviously love to continue to spend every winter with my crazy roommates, so I hope everyone watches and loves our show,” Metz said. “I want to do it again for years to come.”

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