Big Brother: Over The Top’s Willett a winner in more than one way

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Morgan Willett won the first ever Big Brother: Over the Top

It’s been a little more than a year since Morgan Willett’s life changed.

The then-recent college graduate of the University of Texas survived 65 days in the Big Brother household, winning the first ever Big Brother: Over the Top season. She walked away with $250,000, but that pales in comparison to everything else she came away with.

“The best word to describe it would be unforgettable,” Willett told

“I was a clueless, recent college grad who had never seen Big Brother and just wanted to do something crazy.”

For starters, Willett made more memories over 65 days than she could ever have imagined. To narrow it down, Willett came up with her top moments, which certainly wasn’t easy to limit to only five:

  1. Winning, obviously. I never in a million years thought Julie Chen would be holding a card with my name on it.
  2. My “Bikini Girl Out” speech where I roasted the other houseguests on double eviction night. Good times.
  3. Whitney flipping on our alliance and me asking her about the “celebratory dinner.”
  4. Playing “What Are The Odds” and performing the dares during actual safety ceremonies… pretty sure Big Brother hated us for that.
  5. Spending Thanksgiving in the house and cooking my first ever Thanksgiving meal. My parents must have been so proud to see me actually cook something!

Those were only just a few of the priceless memories Willett took from her season. She also had the pleasure of experiencing this challenge alongside her sister, Alex, who saw her run end after 43 days.

The star she built as the winner of Big Brother helped pave the way for her career, as well.

Willett moved out to Los Angeles where she had her eyes set on television hosting. This eventually would lead to her landing a role with AfterBuzz TV, a network founded by Maria Menounos.

“I have had so much fun working with them,” Willett said. “Who would have thought I would be back in the backyard at the BB19 finale interviewing the players when I was in there spot less than a year ago… life is crazy.”

Crazy, indeed.

Willett stepped into the Big Brother house with no knowledge of the game, only to walk away with two Veto wins, one Head of Household and having survived the block two times en route to being voted by the fans — for the first time since the inaugural season– as the winner on finale night.

“Very few people get to say that they lived in the Big Brother house, and I am so happy I was able to be part of that crazy experience,” Willett said. “The BB family has been so welcoming to me, and in addition to getting to play the game, I also made so many life long friends. Looking back on it, I honestly am shocked I made it past the first couple of weeks. I was a clueless, recent college grad who had never seen Big Brother and just wanted to do something crazy.”

For someone who just wanted “to do something crazy,” Willett now has a Big Brother title, a lifetime of memories, a strong bond with a dozen of her houseguests and a dream job to boot.

Not too bad for a 23-year-old!

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