Davies’ fairy tale continues to grow following Big Brother

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Reality television has a tendency to do one of two things for its contestants: springboard their career post-show or have them fall in love during the competition.

For Big Brother’s Elena Davies, she now finds herself in both of those categories.

“I’ve grown in ways I never expected to due to my time in the Big Brother house,” Davies told Reality-Now.com

One of those ways was evident for those who watched the show. Although it’s always hard to decipher what is and isn’t real on a show that pits a dozen strangers in a house, the connection between Elena and Mark certainly stuck out.

It was more so a matter of where the relationship was going and not whether or not it was anything at all. Once the dust settled from the craziness that is Big Brother, the two have been inseparable, traveling the country before ultimately settling down together and purchasing their own house.

“As every normal couple, we have our ups and downs but my relationship with Mark is the closest thing to a real life fairy tale I could have ever imagined,” Davies said. “I had my reservations about dating on network television, but Mark and I grew close while filming and even more so in the jury house and after our season’s finale. I had every intention of going on Big Brother to kick so much ass, but the more I consider the details of the last year of my life, I see that my purpose there was to actually meet my husband… a far greater reward than $500,000.

“Life has been a bit of a blur since the show ended. Mark and I have been on the move a lot. We have traveled for meet and greets here and there but most of the traveling has just been motivated by us wanting to be together. With his home base being in Buffalo and mine in Dallas, it was a lot of back and forth. In the midst of all the travel, Mark has been busy getting Mark Jansen Fitness established online. We are officially living together in Plano, TX now and enjoyed a 16-day road trip from western New York to our new home, all documented on our Instagram accounts and Mark’s YouTube channel.”

Perhaps inseparable is understating just how attached the two have been.

Nonetheless, the duo have certainly been winning outside of the house. Davies, though, is set to take another big step, this time in her career.

She’s hoping to launch her own podcast once everything from studio space to the setup of the show is organized, and from there, she intends to be heavily involved in YouTube productions and blogging, “ I cannot wait to start talking in microphones again!”

Her other half, Mark, has found success in unveiling his own fitness program, as well.

Prior to going on Big Brother, Davies was an on-air contributor to the nationally syndicated radio show, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, and also co-hosted a podcast called Two Peas in a Podcast with Caroline Kraddick under the umbrella of the morning show’s network.

Now unlike that previous experience, this time around, Davies will have a little more fire power to work with when it comes to producing her own show. Besides her rising star and celebrity, Davies’ world has completely changed and her understanding of society has completely changed as a result of interacting with so many unique personalities in the house.

She will certainly not lack any content for her podcasts, to say the least.

While she (or Mark) didn’t walk away with that aforementioned $500,000, it’s clear that Davies has found herself a winner in more than one way, and that’s something a price tag could never match.

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