‘Are You The One?’ gives Diandra Delgado a self-assessment, platform to help others

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A dating show seems pretty transparent, right?

Stick 20 something strangers in a house for a few weeks, let them mingle and hopefully find that perfect match. When it’s done, move on the next cast of characters.

Simple, right?

While that may be the macro landscape, on a micro level — from an individual contestant’s perspective — a show like this can really change a person’s outlook not just on themselves, but on others.

For Diandra Delgado, her time on season six of Are You The One? did just that.

“Are You the One? changed me for the better. Your girl is officially living her best life.”

“I would say [it] was a huge eye opener for me,” Delgado said. “ It’ one thing hearing your friends’ advice and trying to take it into perspective, but then there’s seeing yourself on national TV making those mistakes. Watching myself was exciting because, of course, who doesn’t want to live the dream of seeing themselves on MTV or any other show, but every Wednesday, I watched myself and all I could say was “ Woooooow Didi” or “ LOL how could you let that slide?”

Delgado had a pretty major storyline throughout the series, so it wasn’t too hard for her to see everything she was up to in the house — from mistakes to things said behind her back and of course, to visits to the ‘boom boom room.’

Nonetheless, the experience opened her eyes and provided her with a self-assessment that she has since used to better herself in her real life. What exactly did she realize about herself?

To sum it up, the New Jersey native learned that perhaps she gave too many chances, had a tendency to get attached too quickly and strongly, and was easily threatened when she felt attacked.

Delgado has since taken all those negatives and as she says, “flipped those suckers right back up.”

“I’ve been working on being a better me,” Delgado said. “I’m not as angry anymore, I’m not as clingy anymore, and I’ve finally put myself first in every situation. Are You the One? changed me for the better. Your girl is officially living her best life.”

That “best life” mentality doesn’t just include bettering herself.

Delgado has been surprised at the fan reaction and support she’s received, whether its on social media or at a local bar.

The 22-year-old gets numerous DMs on Twitter and Instagram from fans expressing their support of her and how her time on Are You The One? helped them in their own life.

“It makes me want to be the best me I can be,” Delgado said. “The support I get from my fans, the love, the kind words, that’s what makes me move forward. I love how I’m able to connect to these girls and make them want to be a better version of themselves. I’m not saying I’m perfect because the lord knows I’m a mess, but even on my off days, where I feel completely alone and lost in this world, I’ll look at my DMs and the love I’m missing suddenly isn’t missing anymore.

“If I can make someone smile or even make their worst day into the best day, that’s what I love. My life is filled with so much more love that I can’t even handle sometimes, but I sure as hell am enjoying every single part of it.”

Delgado, who is enrolled in school and studying broadcasting and communications with hopes of being a television host, has also picked up various modeling gigs since appearing on TV, as well as participating in some sponsorships on Instagram.

None of that, though, compares to the aforementioned changes — both internally and externally — for Delgado. The ability to see her flaws broadcasted for the whole world to see and turn those upside down to improve herself has not only helped her cause, but it’s providing inspiration for her growing fan base.

And all of this stems from a reality dating show that’s sole intention is to provide entertainment and a platform for its contestants to find love. While Delgado didn’t quite find that perfect match, she did find self love — a love that she is hoping continues to inspire others.

Follow Diandra on Twitter | Instagram

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