Out of nowhere and through adversity, McBane blossoming into a singing sensation

AMERICAN IDOL – “104 (Auditions)” – (ABC/Alfonso Bresciani)

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Singing wasn’t always the plan for Trevor McBane; in fact, it didn’t even enter onto his radar until the summer prior to his junior year of high school.

That was when he and a friend he met at camp — with a little convincing from said friend — discovered that McBane had a hidden talent, one that has changed his life and has him competing in the greatest musical competition around, American Idol.

McBane recalls the moment he first unveiled his talent to his family. It was during a church service in which he performed on stage.

“Everyone was just freaking out crying, saying ‘Where the heck has this been?’,” said McBane.

It was in that moment McBane thought to himself that perhaps he should invest a little more time in this newfound talent of his and see where he can take it.

McBane began singing national anthems around the area and performing at various churches. He eventually entered a singing competition in his hometown, fittingly called McCallister Star. The 20-person event saw McBane come out victorious.

“It was a really cool experience,” McBane said. “I hit the ground running, and as soon I kind of made it publically known that I was a singer, I’ve had a crazy amount of opportunities.”

He eventually joined a band in college that lasted for two years, and even went on a nationwide tour as an opener for a Christian band. His time with the band came to an end last summer, leading right into his current venture on American Idol.

McBane auditioned in New Orleans, a day that he will certainly never forget.

“I was the very first person in line,” McBane said. “I think my day started out at 3:30 a.m. I didn’t sleep all night. We did filming all day and lots of questionnaires, it was really high stress and all brand new. I had no food, I think I had a bag of almonds that day. It was high stress and no food, it was a kind of chaos, but I guess it turned out pretty good.”

Pretty good, indeed. McBane wowed the judges with his rendition of Zac Brown Band’s, “Colder Weather,” to earn his golden ticket to Hollywood.

“I thanked [my family] so much for all of the support and believing in me enough to take me on this journey,” McBane said. “They were going out on faith just like I was with the hopes of being successful with it and being able to go out to Hollywood.”

His bond with his family is as strong as they come. Through many trials and challenging times, including the loss of his father and some personal struggles, McBane has always relied on his family.

It’s no wonder he says their support has been 110%.

One thing that my life has taught me is that I’m extremely strong and can fight adversity and overcome a lot of difficult things.

“We’ve always been a very, very tight-knit family because we’ve always had to go through hard times together as a unit,” McBane said. “I had this mentality, like all of this hard work and what I’ve been striving for has sort of been paying off. It’s no easy feat to get to go to Hollywood out of all the thousands of people that audition for the show, so I felt it was a huge relief.”

Over the years, McBane has learned just how strong of a person he is, especially with the aforementioned support of his family. Adversity is nothing new to him, and it’s evident in the way he delivers his music.

He classifies himself as a “southern soul singer.” By that, he means he sings straight from the heart, with emotion pouring into each and every song of his.

“I think the judges nailed it on the head,” said McBane. “I’m very raw and more focused on having people believe what I’m saying, believe where I’m coming from than focused on being extremely polished or perfection. I’m about real life.”

This is why it’s no wonder that McBane appeared as calm, cool and collected as any individual during the stressful Hollywood Week.

In what is easily the most challenging part of American Idol, Hollywood Week separates the contenders from the pretenders, cracking some contestants and bringing out the best in others. McBane, to no surprise, found himself in the latter.

The strong-willed singer tied himself with three others during the group round, all three of which equally as strong and experienced.

“I think we worked about an hour, maybe two hours,” said McBane. “I think we were one of the first groups to go to sleep. Our performance was insanely amazing. It was really, really awesome.”

In the early going of American Idol, McBane has delivered some captivating performances and heartfelt songs. As long as he continues progressing through the competition and survives the final stages of Hollywood Week, viewers can expect to continue seeing and hearing McBane belt out powerful tunes.

For McBane, he remains ready for whatever comes next, whether it’s another round on Idol or something elsewhere.

“One thing that my life has taught me is that I’m extremely strong and can fight adversity and overcome a lot of difficult things,” McBane said. “The thing with Idol is that I now know I’m good enough to have a career in music and I can surivve in this industry — the chaos of audition day, and the chaos of Hollywood Week — I so far have survived and I’m able to roll with the punches. It’s been an absolutely growing and learning experience for me as a person and it’s done nothing but help me.”

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