Catching up with Rachel Ako, former first evictee on Survivor

Rachel Ako was the first evictee on Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X

No one wants to go on a reality show and be the first one booted off. Unfortunately, every season of every Survivor show has that illustrious first eviction.

For Rachel Ako, she found herself in that unfortunate position during her time on Millenials vs. Gen. X. Yet, the brief experience didn’t spoil her Survivor experience.

Reality Now caught up with Rachel to see what she’s been up to since her season, what it felt like being the first one axed and what she has planned moving forward:

Reality Now: Your Survivor run ended quicker than I’d imagine you’d have wanted, but nonetheless, you got to experience something so few people will ever do. What did you take away from your time on Millenials v. Gen X?

Rachel: Yes, I was first boot in my season so I would concur that it was quicker than I wanted and imagined! However, I did get to experience something so few people get to experience. My takeaways were — and there are a lot — [but] watching myself on TV was very educational and humbling. I do believe the quickest way to growth is seeing yourself on national television!

Reality Now: Had you survived that first Immunity Challenge, what would have been your next step in the game? From past people I’ve spoken with, the first elimination in any competitive show is always the toughest to predict, do you feel you’d have been able to position yourself better had you gotten past that first hurdle?

Rachel: The Survivor Achilles heel for me is that I am very transparent. This works great for me integrity-wise as a person in my REAL life, however, not necessarily for this game. If I could of started all over again, I would have consciously worked on being more sneaky and hid and/or altered my thoughts, feelings, reactions and emotions. Not something that comes naturally for me since I live for authenticity.

Reality Now: Since the show, what have you been up to? I know you’re written a book and have done some other ventures.

Rachel: Yes, I co-authored a bestselling book on Amazon,”Rise: True Stories of Triumph in the Face of Adversity”, that debuted before Survivor. As a model and pageant girl since 16 years old, it has long since been a dream of mine to be on Maxim Magazine, so imagine my surprise (and squeals!) when Maxim contacted me to join their Maxim’s Finest competition. I had seen Maxim do competitions in the past like Hometown Hottie and I thought to myself, I could never do that! I went back and forth on doing it because I didn’t think I would get a single vote! Little did I know I would end up Maxim’s Finest Top 20 Semi-Finalist. Now that was a blind side! I have to thank my Survivor fans, my friends, family and America for that one! Thank you for letting a girl live her dream! However, since the show, I have been back to real life and really focused, happy and passionate about being back in my medical sales career!

Reality Now: What impact do you think appearing on Survivor has had on your career?

Rachel: I had a pretty illustrious career before Survivor, although Survivor has helped propel it THAT much more and exponentially. Also, the most fulfilling part for me are all of the charities I have been able to help by utilizing my platform. I am big on contribution so that hat has been the most meaningful part of it all to me. Thank you Jeff Probst, Lynn Spillman and CBS!

Reality Now: Lastly, what are some of the things you have yet to do (Career and personal wise) that you hope or are planning to do in the future?

Rachel: Career wise I want to focus on my medical sales career because I enjoy working with my doctors, and I love what I do. However, I do want to write a New York Times Bestseller someday.

Personal wise I am focusing on Tony Robbins and taking his live courses as I am a big fan. Along with that, my primary goal is to settle down, get married, start a family and help children. Even if I am able to foster a child that doesn’t have a family or food to eat, that would bring me joy. I would love to help children grow and feel loved.

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